Priestess TV Episode 12: Johanna Parker on Intuition and Intuitive Development

This week on Priestess TV our guest is Johanna Parker, a public speaker, coach, crystal devotee, and founder of Heart Sparks through which she supports heart-centered women in accepting and sharing their true voices.

On this episode we talk Intuition. As business-minded womxn, we use the logical side of our brains all the time! But what about the powerful intuition we womxn have? When we allow intuition to shine through, this light may show up in many different ways. Watch this episode to hear from Johanna how intuition can manifest, and how you can grow your relationship with your intuition, no matter what your relationship is with it today.


02:05- Being Highly Intuitive
06:15- Medical Intuition
12:30- Jo as a child
17:00- Intuition as skill
18:30- Where to start developing

Johanna Parker is a heart-centred confidence and public speaking coach, coach trainer, crystal devotee and founder of Heart Sparks, where she lovingly supports heart-centred women and young people to confidently embrace the depths of their uniqueness, build an unbreakable, loving relationship within themselves and unashamedly share their truest voice with the world. Her intuition, which began as a mysterious 'niggle' as a child, now holds a non-negotiable space within her every decision and underpins her greatest work. 


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Thank you for being with us for this episode of Priestess TV

Sora No