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We are your hosts, Julie Parker and Sora Surya No. In each episode of Priestess TV, we are going to be interviewing inspirational guests, answering your soulfully curious questions and diving into spiritual topics you want us to explore further.

We want Priestess TV to feel incredibly accessible and fun - and be beautiful to watch. Topics relating to spirituality can sometimes feel heavy, or even be spoken about with a lot of jargon that can make you feel as though you may not be ‘special enough’ or ‘spiritual enough’ to get it.

Priestess TV is our gift to you. And so PLEASE take it, unwrap it, play and laugh with it, lean into it and enjoy it. We want you to engage with us by asking further questions in comments and reaching out to us with more topics you want us to discuss and guests you may like us to have on.

You can also follow us on our favourite social media platform Instagram - where our handle is @priestesstempleschool - and of course you can subscribe to hear all our news at and start your own priestess journey with our beautiful online course designed to bring forth your spiritual gifts to the world.

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