Priestess TV Episode 10: Julie Parker on Rose Ceremony

A ceremony is not something we must only practice with others; it can be undertaken by you alone, providing sacred opportunity for self-love and reflection. On this week’s episode of Priestess TV, sister Julie Parker speaks of how simple, yet sacred, ceremony can be. On this episode Julie will discuss the sacred rose and demonstrate a rose ceremony she enjoys performing when she wants to give herself some self-love. 

As business womxn always on the move, it is so important to remember to show ourselves self-love and take time for the ceremonies we enjoy, so listen in to see how simple and rewarding a ceremony can be so that you may be inspired to create one that is true to you.


01:18 Roses
03:45 Ceremony is simple
6:20 Demonstration
9:40 Thank you

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Thank you for being with us for this episode of Priestess TV!

Sora No