Priestess TV Episode 3: Finding Your Guiding Goddess

The Goddesses are here with us today, do you feel them?

I must take a moment to thank Michaela Duvoux for her wonderful question. She asks, “How do you find your guiding Goddess?

Goddesses and their archetypal energy have lovingly reminded me that I am never alone. Today, I invite you to celebrate the goddess within while also exploring three tips to help you drop in with your Goddess guide.


Three tips I cover on Priestess TV are…
1. Guiding Goddess Tip #1 - Use a divination tool
2. Guiding Goddess Tip #2 - Go on a journey with me.
3. Guiding Goddess Tip #3 - Show me a sign!

After watching this week’s episode, which Goddess has showed herself to you? Julie and I would LOVE to know.

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Thank you for being with us for this episode of Priestess TV!

Sora No