Priestess TV Episode 2: Witches + Priestesses with Julie Parker

On today’s episode of Priestess TV, Julie answers a question from Michelle (Chelle) Miller. Her question is, “What is the difference between a witch and a priestess?

Now this is a BIG question and one that doesn’t have a universal answer but let’s listen as Julie explains her views on the subject.


Do you believe there is a connection between priestesses and witches?

Julie believes that both are connected to the spirit realms and at the heart of their existence, they are here to be of spiritual service - especially to  other women. Priestesses may be more prone to lead sacred rituals and ceremonies, assisting others on their spiritual exploration, while witches are more likely to practice herbalism, divination, and earth-based practices for healing purposes.

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Thank you for being with us for this episode of Priestess TV!

Sora No