Priestess TV Episode 4: Ella Noah Bancroft and Yhi Creation

Let us take a moment to pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land upon which Julie and Sora are filming their series of Priestess TV here in Byron Bay - the Bundjalung Arakwal People.

On today’s episode our guest, Ella Noah Bancroft, begins by describing a vivid picture capturing her childhood experience which helps us ground into her values and beliefs.

Ella is captivating so we invite you to lay on Mother Earth, close your eyes, and listen.

Listen to Ella describe the sacred word Yhi and why she believes the Sun is a divine feminine Goddess. Explore her reasoning for having not only a fashion company but a social enterprise that protects the environment from pollution. Ella is committed to starting conversations through her t-shirts; for example, how beginning a conversation around “Decolonize to Survive” may help not only save our lives but allow us to thrive. Throughout this interview she also weaves in her love for her mother, womxn, and the power of initiations.

Let’s watch, shall we?


Ella Noah Bancroft

Ella Noah Bancroft is an Australian born artist, conscious events organiser, mc, social entrepreneur, mentor and founder of the sustainable clothing brand “Yhi'. She is a poetic feminist whose passion in protecting the earth fuels her projects. Ella has a no BS approach to life and is determined to live with integrity and striving to tell the truth. She is passionate about re-wilding the world and the feminine force and is a certified Yoga and Tantra practitioner. Ella is deeply passionate about conscious consumption, ethical fashion and community development.

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