Priestess TV Intro

How did you like our first Priestess TV bloopers?

How embarrassing it is when you say a name incorrectly, a sneeze comes out of you with such gusto you cannot help but be stunned, and mosquitoes desire to be in the spotlight.

You know - the everyday ruckus that happens to us as priestesses.

On today’s episode, we will be gently calling you into our sacred experience. Please carve out exactly 2:37 minutes to enter our world as we share our vision for Priestess TV.


We believe that to be a priestess is both a calling, a feeling, and a knowing that goes beyond words or labels. The modern Priestess is re-emerging as both an ancient archetype and a devoted way of living and being. Women are once again feeling the call to honour their intuition, connect deeply with spirit and love their bodies as the vessels of their souls. And so, we are committed to walking this path alongside you.

Thank you for being part of our Priestess Community.

Sora No