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 A 12-Month Online Sacred Priestess Journey + Initiation

September 2019 - August 2020
Enrollment closes Fri, Sept 13th


Enter the mystical + divine path of the Priestess.

Uncover your feminine spiritual gifts in a 12 month journey with devoted modern Priestesses + sacred leaders Julie Parker + Sora Surya No.

Deepen or begin your relationship with the Goddess, the Wheel of the Year, earth magick + your power as a ceremonialist.

Dive into the rich + dark world of your shadow + core wounds. Transform your ego into a soul path filled with clarity, confidence + true embodied power.

Connect deeply with a global sisterhood of extraordinary women. Heal. Transcend. Embody your potent personal medicine through gentleness + strength, humility + courage.

Unleash your magick as a Priestess by uncovering your activist voice + sacred tools in a meaningful project that makes a true difference in your community + world.

Enjoy a year of connection, soulful relationships, mystical experiences, earth connection, fun + love.


Your Priestess Temple
awaits you 

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 Sacred Priestess Inclusions

• 10 x Group Calls (Monthly)
• 2 x 1:1 Calls
(One with Julie + one with Sora)
• 24 x Intimate Sister Group Calls (2 x Monthly)
• Private Facebook Group
• 6 x Priestess Interviews (90 mins) and Live Coaching
• Online Ceremonies/Virtual Retreats x 2
(Yule/Summer Solstice + Spring/Fall Equinox)
• Worksheets, Quizzes, Meditations, Journal Prompts
• Optional Retreat (Hawaii, USA in April 2020)

Sacred Priestess Training

• Unleash Your Personal Priestess Magick
• Connect With Your Guiding Goddess for the Year
• Work Consciously With the Goddesses Most Required
by your Ego, Soul, Embodiment
• Shadow Work, Releasing Wounds + Soul Retrieval
• Honoring the Wheel of the Year (Northern + Southern Hemisphere)
• Ritual Creation + Ceremony
• Altar Craft
• Learn Earth Medicine Practices
• Undertake a Spiritual Activism Project

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I had been following the work of both Julie + Sora before Priestess Mistress Mind came into the world, and always held both of these incredible women in the highest regard. However, when I first experienced their synergy as they worked magick together in person, it absolutely blew me away. Over the past few years, I have struggled to find a consistent community that can hold space, nurture, support and help me grow along my path to becoming a Priestess. Inexplicably drawn to the first Priestess Temple School in Melbourne (I live in New Zealand and had never attended something like this before, never mind alone and overseas), without hesitation I ventured across the Tasman and fell in love with Julie & Sora’s combined gifts and offerings. Priestess Mistress Mind was announced that weekend, and I signed up there and then. What entailed has been the coming together of some of the women I now hold most dear to me. I have learnt more than I could imagine, I have had concepts ‘drop’ into place amongst my prior learning, I have unearthed divine sisterhood that I know will last well beyond our formal time together in PMM, and I have had the absolute honour of guidance and wisdom from Julie & Sora themselves. I could write so much more about this incredible experience (not to mention the retreats!), but just know, that if your heart is calling you towards this, it is an investment you’ll be so grateful you made, and on so many levels.
— Bec Coldicutt

The Mistress Mind Experience 

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• Uncovering Your Personal Definition of Priestess
• Who Is Your Guiding Goddess?
• Light/Dark Archetypal Work: Where Is Your Shine + Shadow?
• Deeper Connection with Goddesses For Your Personal Priestess Journey
• Your Sacred Wound: Acknowledgement/ Emergence/Transformation
• The Wheel of the Year
• Personal/Blood/Lunar/Seasonal/Life Cycles as a Woman
• Altar Craft

PRIESTESS INITIATION (Dec/Jan/Feb 2019-2020)

• Social Consciousness
• Heart Opening Communication
• Principles of Rhetoric
• Forming Your Beliefs + Values
• Path of Humility as a Priestess
• Holding Space
• Beginning Your Sacred Activist Project
• Altar Craft Deepening

DIVINE INTEGRATION (March/April/May 2020)

• Feminine Leadership
• Earth Medicine Practices
• Owning Your Priestess Gifts
• Practical Priestessing with Service + Tools
• Your Cultural Lineage
• Healing the Sister Wound
• Sacred Activist Project Continuing

SOUL ASCENSION (June/July/Aug 2020)

• Priestess Ceremonialist
• Intentional Ritual Creation
• The Power of Your Archetypal Imprint
• Goddess Guidance for Life
• You Priestessing in the World
• Empty Presence
• Sacred Activist Project Conclusion

Sacred Priestess Retreat

Hawaii, United States
April 20th - April 23rd, 2020
Accommodation Shared House


• Honoring the Divine Feminine Within
• Deeper Goddess Connection
• Embodiment of the Warrior Archetype
• Water Blessing Ceremony
• Sacred Circles

Investment: $2000 USD

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 Your Priestess Temple Space Holders

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Sora Surya No

Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, badass sorceress, transformative business coach, intuitive mentor, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, + world traveler. Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters + share the art of holding circle. She leads women through powerful experiences in her mastermind + on retreats.

Sora blends real world experience with mystical transformation, ritualistic practices, inner reflection, + deepening community to help soulful feminine leaders create great impact while Priestessing their life. Sora Surya No‘s unique approach brings her clients a resounding level of clarity around how they are being called upon to serve in the world. Through ritual and sacred practice, Sora shows women how they can use magic everyday for what they would like to create for themselves.

You can find out more about Sora and her work at

Julie 2019 Profile.png

Julie Parker

Hailed by ELLE Magazine as a ‘self-help guru,’ Julie Parker is the Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains + supports heart centered people to become life coaches. The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, Priestess Podcast host + in demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world and is the recipient of numerous leadership + women’s business awards.

Julie is also a modern day Priestess with a focus on her Celtic, Greek & Balkan lineage. She is committed to contributing to a world where qualities of intuition, presence, nurturing, spiritual exploration, social justice + service are honoured. Julie is currently undertaking intensive training to become a Priestess of the Magdalene + she holds sacred circles in honour of the Goddess + Wheel of the Year regularly. She is currently writing a book on the modern Priestess. You can find out more about Julie + her work at

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Priestess Group Call Times + Virtual Retreats

Via Zoom

  • Sept 18th at 7pm edt / Sept 19th at 9am aest
    • Oct 16th at 5am edt / Oct 17th at 8pm aedt
    • Nov 20th at 2pm est / Nov 21st at 6am aedt
    • Dec 18th at 5pm est / Dec 19th at 9am at aedt
    (3 Hour Virtual Retreat)
    • January Break
    • Feb 19th at 8pm est / Feb 20th at 12pm aedt

  • Mar 18th at 3pm edt / Mar 19th at 6am aedt
    (3 Hour Virtual Retreat)
    • Apr 8th at 6pm edt  / Apr 9th at 9am aest
    • May 20th at 6am edt / May 21st at 8pm aest
    • Jun 17th at 4pm edt / Jun 18th at 6am aest
    • Jul 22nd at 7pm edt / Jul 23rd at 9am aest
    • Aug 19th at 6am edt / Aug 20th at 8pm east

Priestess Mistress Mind Investment

$6500 USD Full Payment

Payment Plan:
Deposit $1000 USD + 12 monthly payments x $465 USD (Monthly Payments begin Sept 2019)

Early Bird Gifts:
Seasonal Sacred Gift Box (Northern + Southern Hemisphere Bespoke) prior to June 30th 2019
$1000 USD deposit reserves your place in the Mistress Mind Sacred Priestess Journey + Initiation

This extraordinary sacred experience is for 24 women only.

To begin the exploration of your own deeper Priestess path please email to arrange an intimate conversation with Sora or Julie
or simply enter the Mistress Mind below.

Special early bird enrollment gift of a bespoke seasonal Priestess gift box available until June 30th 2019.

Jennie Testimoniail.png
When you’re open to the calling of the Universe, the Universe will speak to you. However, the Universe only shows you the door, you still have to commit and walk through. The Priestess Temple School was my door and showing up for myself and my Sister Priestesses was at the start a challenge. Fear of being seen, who am I to claim the title of Priestess? all flooded through me. Throughout the months of fellowship, we have journeyed through challenges, and deep revelations of our calling and as the wheel of fortune turns there has been joy, calming peace, laughter and magickal expansion of all of us, individually and collectively. The Temple School is a sisterhood of Modern Priestesses all committed to doing spiritual work that is very much needed in this modern world. In this, the Universe is leading you as it did me to discover the most wonderful treasures and a deeper connection to the divine feminine.
— Jennifer Freely

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