Priestess Temple School 


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 You felt the deep call
and are now entering the sacred world of the modern Priestess.

As a handmaiden of the Goddess, may you step into being a sacred leader within your community and
honor the healer and wise woman that resides within you.

Your name is written in the ancient Book of Life, written down well before your time. For you see, your ancestors knew that you would be blessing the earth well after their own arrival to help create the new earth. Your love, your vision, your service, though sometimes seemingly subtle, creates great ripples of change. This is the unseen gift of a Priestess.

Welcome dear one.

Though your journey is unique to you, meaning that it is a solo experience within to reveal your soul’s essence, you are encouraged to walk the path with your fellow sisters. This is what Priestess Temple School is for - a sacred space for you to connect deeply with fellow womxn from around the world who are courageously a yes to their healing and social service.

The Priestess Journey...